Monday, 24 June 2013

Outfit Of The Day

As promised, I've put up a few outfit snaps from my cousin's wedding at the weekend :) It was a beautiful wedding and I had an absolute ball! Sadly, the weather was a bit of a let down, so if the photos aren't the best quality, it's because they were completely rushed in an effort to get in out of the blustery weather as quickly as possible...It also explains why my hair is sticking up is pretty much every picture haha! Just my luck, eh?
My dress is from Miss Selfridge, and was bought on sale for a rather impressive €20. For a dress with so much detail and embellishment I thought it was an absolute steal! It originally came with built in shorts (or hot pants rather!), as the bottom half is completely sheer, but I had to replace it for a more church-appropriate slip ha. I love the 20's vibe of the dress, with it's delicate beading and handkerchief hemline. However, my favourite detail has to be the cut-out back...My ultimate weakness!
As I wasn't sure if I'd even be able to get off work for the wedding until the last minute, I didn't bother getting my hair or makeup done professionally. I thought the style of the dress would be suited best with pale skin, so I gave the tan a miss too! Seeing everyone seriously glammed up did get me pretty excited for my brother's wedding though, and rest assured I will be going all out when the big day arrives haha. August can't come quick enough!

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