Saturday, 25 May 2013

OOTD- Here Comes The Sun

Disco Pants- Penneys (Primark)
Sunglasses- Betsey Johnson
Cross Necklace- Miss Selfridge
Spiked Necklace- Penneys
Cardigan- DKNY Jeans
Boots- Dr.Martens
Top- Penneys
Hat- H&M

Well, well, well, it seems the sun has made an appearance at last :) As you can see, I'm finding it difficult to part with my black clothing and embrace the summer, but it sure was nice to have a reason to dig out my sunnies from the bottom of my drawer (even if just for one day!). It also gave me an excuse to wear something light and airy, like my new top from Penneys. I'm a sucker for anything with a nice back detail, so when I nabbed this little gem for a EURO I was absolutely delighted with myself. 
I've also been loving my spiked necklace from the same store- infact, I've barely left it off me since snatching it up for a fiver a few weeks ago. Despite the fact that I'm donning quite a few Penneys pieces today, it's not a shop I often buy from, but I must say I'm very impressed with their stock as of late!
On another note, I went to see The Great Gatsby today. Yes, I crazily decided to go sit in a dark room for a few hours on the sunniest day Ireland has seen in God knows how long! Anyways, I have been waiting for what seems like an eternity to see it so I was extremely excited to see if it would live up to my expectations. I haven't read the book yet, but I adore the 70's adaptation with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow. I thought I would be put off by the modern music in this version (nothing beats a good Charleston), but it fit in surprisingly well. The acting was great- Toby McGuire was the perfect choice for Nick, and  Leo was a far better Gatsby than Redford, who was pretty bland if you ask me. None the less, I still didn't find myself being drawn in to the movie in the same way I was with the 70's version. Nothing beats the original I guess! Or maybe I just have an attachment to that film after I visited Gatsby's mansion on a holiday to Newport..How cool is that?? I suppose I'm just a classic girl at heart :) 
I could ramble all night about what I thought about it, but I'll just finish by saying that although it didn't have the same authenticity as the original, I'd highly recommend going to see it. If nothing else, you'll get to see Leo and Toby in 3D..nooothing wrong with that ;)

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  1. Very cute outfit~