Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Review- Louise Gray for Topshop Cream Blush Duo

Today I've got a review on a product I've been dying to gush about ever since I snatched it up during the Christmas sales- it's the Up In The Air cream blush duo from the Louise Gray for Topshop makeup collection. 
I had been on the hunt for a nice peach/coral blusher over the holidays and I eventually ended up getting one of MAC's(rather pricey) blushers in the shade Melba. While it is a beautiful and very flattering colour on the cheeks, it isn't quite the bright, vibrant coral colour I was really longing for. But then to my delight, I spotted this gorgeous little gem in Topshop a couple of weeks later. Folks, it really was love at first sight. 
Before I had even seen the beautiful coloured blushers inside, I was already fawning over the fabulously kitsch, art deco design of the packaging. Then, I looked at the price and discovered that it was reduced to a mere €4!! So with my student discount on top of that it came to a ridiculously cheap €3.60. Had the blushers been awfully unflattering colours, I probably would have bought them anyway...just to have that wonderful green packaging to brighten up my makeup bag haha :)
The blushers themselves are fantastic quality! Don't be scared off by vibrancy of the colours- when applied, both the bubblegum pink and coral shade blend beautifully into the skin and create a subtle yet brightening effect on the face. All you need is a little dab of the product on your finger to create a really fresh faced, natural, radiant look! Bearing in mind, my skin is very pale so it doesn't take much product to give my cheeks a pop of colour, but these blushers are very buildable and I imagine they'd suit a wide range of skin tones. 
I find that they really set off my makeup brilliantly, and completely transform my face when I'm looking a bit tired and dull. Not only this, but the consistency of the blush is sooooo incredibly smooth and my skin always feels amazingly soft and silky when I apply this onto my cheeks. With other cream blushers I've used, I've found that if I apply them after my powder they make my cheeks look a little more dewy than I like, which means I have to apply them straight after my foundation. However, I've tried this blush duo out after applying my powder and I don't get any access shine! This is great for me because it means that I can dab a little of the blush on during the day if my skin needs a little ooomph without having to worry about touching up the rest of my makeup.
And if all that can't convince you to splash out a whopping €4 on this fab product, it also comes with a pretty great compact mirror! Can't go wrong, can you?

I've checked Topshop's website and the blush duo isn't available online any more, so if you see it in your local Topshop I highly recommend you pick it up. After all, it is a limited edition product, and for that price I'm sure it will be flying off the shelves!


  1. I saw this in the store, the brightest did frighten me but I might try it now! I nominated your for a Liebster Award, something new to me until I was nominated. Seems a good way to raise awareness of your blog. Take a look on my blog to see how to take part :)
    X RB

    1. Yeah you should it's great! Aww thanks so much :) Yeah I've never heard of it before either but I'll definitely try squeeze in a bit of time to do a blog post on it!

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  3. I want it! The packaging is so cute. Lovely, detailed review x

  4. Lovely