Friday, 14 December 2012

Clothing and Beauty Haul

 I've decided to post something a little different on the blog today! I absolutely adore watching people's hauls on Youtube and reading about them on blogs, so seeing as I've acquired quite a few things over the past couple of weeks I thought it might be a nice idea to share them with you all :) 
Apologies for the quality of some of the photos- the lighting was not my friend today!
Sparkle & Fade Asymmetrical Top- €6 (reduced from a whopping €59!)
I did some online shopping on Urban Outfitters and snatched up this little bargain of a top. There was an extra 20% off everything at the time too, so it worked out even cheaper. The photo doesn't really do this top justice, but it's really, really beautiful on. From looking at the website's picture, I assumed the top was just plain cotton, but it's actually polyester, which gives it a silky feeling and makes it more expensive looking. I picked it up in a size medium because it was the only size left, but I'm quite glad now that I got a bigger size as the polyester material definitely looks better oversized and draped rather than skin tight.
Staring at the Stars Maxi Skirt- €12
This was another purchase from the Urban Outfitters sale, and again I got an extra 20% off it. I'm not sure of the original price as it's no longer for sale on the website, sorry! I adore the festive colours of this skirt and I think it would be absolutely gorgeous to wear on Christmas Day (although I highly doubt that I'll be able to put off wearing it until then- it's too pretty to be left sitting in my wardrobe). I got this in an extra small as I like my maxi skirts to be as figure hugging as possible.
This scarf is my new pride and joy! Isn't it just fab? My aunty sent this to me as a little pre- Christmas gift because she knows I'm a huge fan of Moschino Cheap and Chic. I just love the quirky little patterns on their clothing- Olive Oil and houndstooth? What's not to love! This was £16.99 from the T.K Maxx in Derry (the silly sod forgot to take the price tag off), which I think is a great price for a such a gorgeous, high quality, designer scarf. I'll probably wear this tied around one of my handbags as it's quite small, and I'm not sure I'm chic enough to pull of wearing a neckerchief haha!
My sister Riona brought these adorable little earmuffs back from Thailand for me. I cannot wait to wear them- they're too frickin cute!
I picked up this Blair Waldorf-esque headband from the Jack Wills outlet at the weekend, and as you can probably see, it is now covered in dog hair. Lovely! This was a great price at just €4 (reduced from €19). Unfortunately, the bow is quite large and heavy, which means it keeps sliding off my head every time I bend down! But have no fear, I'm sure this can be easily solved with the help of a few bobby pins :)
 Asos recently had 60% percent off all their Christmas gifts, so I ordered a few prezzies for my family. But of course, I got distracted and ended up coming away with these earrings for myself too! I can't remember the exact price of these, but they were both in around €3 which is an absolute steal.
I wanted my hair to look it's best coming up to Christmas so I got my hands on some badly needed hair dye. I'm pretty sure this cost €7.45 in Superdrug, or thereabouts! I went for a more natural red colour this time, which is pretty much the exact same colour my hair fades to anyway after using the bright copper dye. I've been getting a lot of compliments recently on this faded colour so I thought it would be nice to get a similar coloured dye, just to get rid of any roots and liven it up a bit!
I've heard a lot great things about this St.Ives exfoliating scrub, so when I saw it in Superdrug for just €2.99 I decided to snatch it up. So far I'm loving it, as the exfoliating beads are nice and big, which gets rid of any flaky bits of skin I might have on my face (attractive I know). If you have sensitive skin, you probably won't like this one as it's not the most gentle of scrubs!
I suffer quite a bit from spot scarring on my face (which is entirely my own fault for spot squeezing), so I got this Rescue Oil in the hope that it might help fade them a bit. This is a dupe for Bio Oil, and was a mere €1.50 in the pound shop. Bio Oil isn't a very expensive product to begin with, but Rescue Oil contains all of the same ingredients so I saw no reason why I shouldn't purchase it instead!
I am an enormous Crabtree & Evelyn fan, and Nantucket Briar is my absolute favourite scent from them. This was just €4 in Kildare Outlet Village, so I couldn't really let it go! Plus, how lovely is the packaging?
Kate Moss for Rimmel Matte Lipstick in number 20 -€6.85
Kate Moss for Rimmel Matte Lipstick in number 110- €6.85
These lipsticks are my new beauty favourites! I particularly love the bright pink shade from the older Kate Moss collection. I'm definitely going to get my hands on some more of these beauties over Christmas, so hopefully I can do a proper review for you on them :)

There was a 3 for 2 offer on cosmetics at the time I bought the lipsticks, so I got myself a new eyeliner for free. Unfortunately I thought I was buying a normal kohl pencil, but as you can see, this one is a twisty nib type one. Oh well!
NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish from left to right- 247 Prince Street, 272 Bowery Black, Full Metal Jacket- €2.15 each (available from Superdrug)

264 Lincon Square Lavender, 246 Park Ave, 226 Madison Avenue
As you can probably tell, I went a bit crazy with the nail polishes! I've never been one to pay much attention to my nails, but recently I've been getting a lot more into painting them, so I decided to pick up a few while they were on offer for 3 for 2. I'm one of those people who thinks nail varnish chips regardless of how much you pay, so why spend loads of money on them? Anyway, I'm finding these polishes great so far, and I adore the metallic purple colour- it's got a wonderfully tacky, festive, quality street wrapper vibe going on haha!

Last but certainly not least is my beautiful new Bobbi Brown brush set. My sister actually got these for my mam from Thailand, because she has quite an obsession with all things Bobbi Brown. It's quite frustrating really, she has an abundance of all these gorgeous makeup products, but she NEVER. WEARS. MAKEUP. Such a waste! She should reeeally just hand them all down to me :) She was kind enough to give me this brush set however, as I was going to put makeup brushes on my Christmas list this year anyway. I don't think the brushes are actually real, because Riona got them extremely cheap in Thailand. Honestly though, I don't think it makes any difference because they are soooo super soft and the quality of them is excellent. Now I just need to figure out what half the bloody brushes are supposed to be used for haha!

I do apologise for this very long, rambly post, but if you would like to see more hauls on the blog in the future let me know, because I'm bound to have presents and things to show over the next couple of weeks :) Happy Christmas everyone!

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  1. What a tots awesome haul!!! i love the NYC brand nail polishes... i find they stay on forever without chipping! i also love the St. Ives scrubs. great haul!!!
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    -Jen <3