Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Rimmel x10 Volume Flash Mascara Review

Hi guys! I have another mascara review to share with you. I did a review on Benefit's They're Real Mascara a while ago, and I think I may have found a fabulous alternative for a fraction of the price :) 
Okay, so I must admit, I didn't get off to a great start with this Rimmel mascara. The reason being that as soon as I opened it I discovered that the brush was non- existent! It had obviously broken off inside the tube or was manufactured incorrectly- you can see what I mean in the picture below. 

Obviously I was pretty annoyed at the thought of just having thrown €7.50 down the drain. I realise that's a very reasonable price for a mascara, but I am a student..that's the price of half of my food for the week! Thankfully, the sales assistant in Superdrug was kind enough to exchange it for me (although the security man seemed to think I looked dodgy and persisted to follow my every move around the shop, making me very uncomfortable).
Anyway, I was slightly worried that my new mascara might have the same fault, but it has proven to be absolutely perfect and I'm thrilled with the results so far! In terms of mascara, €7.50 is a pretty good price- especially considering that this one is amazing. It's super lengthening and does a great job at getting in at the tricky parts of my lower lashes. 
This is a fantastic mascara if you're looking for dramatic impact for your eyes, and would work brilliantly on a night out if you wanted to pass on the falsies. I haven't been wearing as much eyeliner during the day, because I find that this mascara gives my eyes all the ooomph they need!However, if you prefer a natural look, this probably isn't the one for you, as it can look quite spidery. 

The mascara does have it's downfalls- it has a tendancy to clump together a small bit when applied on the lashes, and when it dries it can flake slightly if you touch it. Personally, this doesn't bother me all that much, and if you had a problem with the occasional clump you can always just comb it out- problem solved! 
I do think for the price of this mascara and the enormous lengthening effect it has on my eyes, the pros definitely outweigh the cons, and I can certainly see myself repurchasing this product in the future. 


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