Monday, 15 October 2012

Tattoo Inspiration- Angelique Houtkamp

I've been researching a tonne of artists for college, and there was one I came across that I just had to share! People, I have officially found my new obsession. Angelique Houtkamp is a dutch tattoo artist and painter who creates the most beeeautiful pieces I think I've ever seen. They couldn't be more up my street, ahhhh :) I'm sure plenty of people have already heard of her and seen her work, as she's very established in the tattoo world. I had seen the odd piece of flash popping up on google images but I never took the time to really delve into her artwork before now. Well folks, I'm happy to admit that I have truly been missing out!
Any other fans out there? I'm half considering booking myself a flight to Amsterdam to get in on some of that amazing ink haha!

I will make this last piece mine if it's the last thing I do! So bloody gorgeous.

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