Saturday, 1 September 2012

Traditional Tattoo Flash- Artwork

Hello folks! Just a little post to show you all some of the drawings I've been working on :) None of the designs are mine, I copied these pictures from actual tattoos that I really loved as a way of practising this particular style of art. My favourite is the Russian doll, it's sooo pretty!

So I'll be heading off to college in just over a week (where has the time gone??) and I just got bombarded with a huge list of supplies I need to buy before I start :( Good thing I just got paid because art materials don't come cheap! So if anybody knows of any reasonably priced art shops around Kildare or Dublin please feel free to let me know, I'd really appreciate it. 

On a happier note, I'm heading out tonight for my birthday celebrations and I have the most fabulous leather peplum dress to show off ;) Can't wait!


  1. Hey chick I think Evans on capel street in town is quite good generally easons is the best the usually have 25% of sales in sept and the good for note pads and all!! I usually have a snoop around online shops for stuff as well but buy as you go half the stuff they put on that list you'll never need wait till you hit college and try get your class mates to bulk buy stuff like Fabriano works out cheaper in the end!!

    1. Ah that's really helpful thanks so much! My mam works in a school so I'm sorted for notebooks and all that stuff, and I'm after getting a good few things quite cheap online :) But I'll take your advice and wait for the other things because I've never even heard of some of them ha!

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    1. Aww thanks! Obsessed with your blog :)