Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Traditonal Rose Tattoo Design

Hi there :) I planned on having a lovely productive day today but sadly, I woke up feeling like death. Boo. So instead, I decided to have a nice leisurely day and catch up on my drawing.I looove tattoo art (especially traditional flash) so I thought I'd try my hand at some! I'm hoping that when I get to college I'll find some way of incorporating it into my projects and such. I think that'd be pretty cool? 
Anyways, this is what I drew- a nice traditional rose with a locket draped around it. My black marker started to waste on me half way through, so if the drawing looks faded in some places that's why! I copied the design from an actual tattoo that I saw on Tumblr and instantly fell in love with! Some day, it will be mine. 
I've been dying to get some new ink all summer, and with my birthday coming up the temptation to splash out on one is immense. But I've also been eyeing up some DSLR cameras (my current camera is giving me a terrible time at the moment) and I don't think I can resist getting one! Maybe santa will be good to me and get me a lovely rose tattoo similar to this one for Christmas? Or just maybe, I'll be pleasantly surprised by my next pay check and find myself suddenly able to afford a new tat? Very, very unlikely.


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  3. This is awesome! :) I'm always on the lookout for traditional things to add onto myself eventually. But so far I only have small, out of the way tattoos :( it sucks that most work places still don't accept them.

    1. Thanks! Me too, I only have the one but I love it :) It's just lack of funds that's holding me back unfortunately!