Thursday, 9 August 2012

Flaming Hot Hair

The other day I made a little trip to Boots and decided to treat myself to some new hair products. Hair dye was definitely number one on the shopping list, as my colour had become completely faded and lets face it, my roots were getting waaaay out of control! I had wanted to get my hands on John Frieda's Frizz Ease Hair Serum for absolutely ages, so I was delighted to discover that Boots were offering a 3 for €12 deal on all of the top hair brands, including John Frieda. Yipee! :) I needed hairspray anyway, so I decided to pick up a more expensive John Frieda one that I wouldn't have otherwise splashed out on (I'm not sure that it's possible to "splash out" on hairspray but you get the jist!). Lastly, I spotted the Umberto Giannini Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray. It claims to give you that sexy, messy bed-head style do (yes please), but I have yet to find out if it actually works! Anybody else use it? I'm very intrigued.
So I went straight home to sort out my hair and get rid of those hideous roots once and for all! I used to pay the extra cash and get my hair done in the hair dressers, but my past few visits were extremely disappointing. The last time I went in, I specifically asked for a colour and cut, which is always €70. However, my hairdresser proceeded to give me highlights, only informing me afterwards that it would cost more money. It left me in a highly embarrassing situation where I didn't have enough money to pay for my hair! The time before that, my hairdresser told me to come back to the salon a month or two after getting my hair done for a free treatment that would boost my colour. So in I went, delighted to be getting my free treatment...Only it turns out it wasn't free. Nope, I ended up being charged €20 for the blow dry!! Sickening. 
Anyway, here's my hair pre-colour. I apologise in advance for my appearance, long days in work make for a very washed out face. Yock.

 Looking hot mid way through the dying process...
In future, I must remember that if I get red dye on my walls, my bathroom will look like a blood bath! Mam and Dad won't be pleased.

And here's the final result...Ta da!

I'm not usually picky when it comes to choosing a brand of hair dye as long as the colour is what I'm looking for, but I must say, after using Loreal Paris's Feria dye I don't think I'll use a different one ever again! I was thrilled with the results :) I paid just €7.49 for this permanent home dye, instead of €70 for a semi-permanent professional colour. No comparison really, is there? The colour is called Mango Intense Copper and it's number 74. I can't get over how vibrant it turned out! And what really impressed me is how the colour on the box is pretty much identical to my hair colour.
This is my hair after using both of the John Frieda products I purchased. First off, the hairspray is amaaazing. I had always been quite loyal to the Loreal Elnette hairspray, but John Frieda's takes the cake! You only need to use the tiniest bit of product and your hair stays put for the entire day. Infact, after brushing my hair out the following day I still had beautiful natural waves. Not only that, but it leaves your hair looking nice and shiny, and for a hairspray it smells surprisingly good! I'm converted.
The Frizz Ease Serum was originally introduced to me by my boyfriend of all people! It really is a miracle worker. You can put the serum on your hair while it's still damp, or apply it after it's been dried. I find that you get different results depending on how you apply it- using it on wet hair results in your hair feeling really soft and healthy after it's been blow dried, and it dries straighter than it ordinarily would. Using it on dry hair, makes for a beautiful glossy, shiny finish. I've used other hair serums in the past, but none of them have left my hair feeling as soft and as nourished as this one. 
Buy it. That's all I have to say!
I should probably tell you the original prices of all the products I got on promotion, as they're considerably more expensive without the offer:

John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Spray- €6.69

John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum- €7.09
Umberto Giannini Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray- €7.99

 On a final note, I am terribly sorry for this lengthy post. I haven't posted anything in so long and I think I may have overcompensated haha!


  1. Ailbhe its gorgeous i just love the colour!! Like you said its identical to the box and less than 10 euros xxx

  2. so pretty!

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  3. its very helpful post + you look adorable in this colour <3 would you like to follow each other?

  4. good posting about Flaming Hot Hair

  5. Hi there! the most beautiful ginger hair color that for sure, tell me, your hair before the dye was blond ? you left the dye in your hair for 30minutes or more?
    Thanks =^.^=

    1. No my hair wasn't blond before dying it! It was more of a light brown colour..I can't remember exactly how long I left it in for, I just followed the instructions on the box! Hope that helps :)

  6. Hi ive just recently dyed my hair with mango intense copper - my hair ws naturally ginger/blond/brown and i had blonde permanent dye in it from years of blonde colouring - when i applied this i actually thought since i had light hair - i would become as orange as yours came out - but mine came out red :( have you since reapplied this as i was thinking of putting another box on to hopefully come out more ginger - just worried it will actually go more red!! :( jealous as your hair is exactly what i wanted x