Friday, 6 July 2012

The Perfect Pink Skirt

Hi everybody! This is what I wore yesterday, I do hope you like it. 

I was a little lazy when it came to picking out an outfit to wear, so I went for this black tee and cross chain combo that I wore in one of my posts the other day. I figured it looked good, so why not wear it again? I teamed it with my trusty denim jacket and my absolute favourite pink skirt. 
This is slightly embarrassing to admit, but this DKNY skirt is nearly ten years old..which means I bought it when I was NINE! I wear it allllll the time and (shockingly) it still fits. I don't know if that something to be proud of or ashamed of, but I can tell you now I'll still be wearing it for plenty more years to come! It's so cute and girly (which you would expect seeing as it was bought in the little girls section) and I just looove it.

I don't know if you can make it out in the picture, but the bracelet I'm wearing is made up of little silver skulls. Awesome. I got it on sale in Topshop for €7. Double awesome.
My animal print tights are from Marks & Spencer. I'm not even sure exactly what print they are- I was thinking some kind of cat, but then James told me he liked my "cow tights" and I got a little nervous. Not sure that's a look I care to wear! My mam bought the tights for me the other day while she was out shopping. It's pretty cute, because almost every time she goes on a shopping spree she comes home with a new pair a tights for me. I guess it's kind of become our thing? Slightly random, but I'm not complaining. Now I've got a drawer full to the brim of tights in every crazy colour and pattern you could imagine!

My friend Peig's dog saw us taking photos and decided to come over and join in on our photo shoot.   
Her name is Deefor, as in D for dog.  
Oh, and Peig if you're reading this, Coco is still cuter.

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