Sunday, 29 July 2012

Military Chic

Military Chic1. Topshop Contrast Sleeve Army Jacket- €83
2. Oasis Military Shirt Dress- €77  
3. Topshop MOTO Studded Bustier top- €45 
4. Rock 'N' Rose Vintage Bullet Shell Necklace (available from €28 
5. Republic Stud Buckle Boots- €64
6. Topshop Two Tone Zig Zag Beanie- €15
7. Ray-Ban Aviator Gold Sunglasses (available from €155
8. Topshop Washed Military Backpack- €43
9. River Island Back Biker Boots- €96

Military is one trend that I'm loving at the moment, and (surprise, surprise)Topshop is at the head of the High Street pack when it comes to providing us fashion worshippers with our military fix. I must admit, I adore every single one of these items, but those Republic boots? Ahhhh, I NEED them!
Although I'm obsessed with this trend, I feel like I need to be under some degree of supervision whilst testing it out. I'm afraid that all that army green will go to my head and have me strutting around like a maniac singing "Hard" and thinking I'm Rihanna. *sighs* 
If only.