Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Look of the Day

Today's look of the day is an outfit I wore out for drinks at the weekend. Apologies for the quality of the pictures, it was pretty dark by the time I was all dressed and ready head out. I reeeally need to start getting myself ready earlier so I can get some decent pics for the blog!

The skirt. Ahhhh it's so great isn't it? I wasn't planning on buying anything new to wear out, but when I saw it in H&M for a tenner in the sale I couldn't really let it go. It's super tight (there was a lot of sucking in going on that night) and the suspenders are almost like wearing a second bra- they hoist you right up! Unfortunately, this meant that it was a nightmare trying to find a top to wear with it, as all my plain tank tops ended up looking too revealing. Also, because of the tightness of the skirt and suspenders, wearing anything full length with sleeves just wasn't working. 
I ended up opting for this cream crop top from Urban Outfitters, which was one of the only tops that sat right with the skirt. I'm definitely going to have to go on the hunt for the perfect top to wear with it, because this baby deserves a lot more outings!

I was in quite a rush getting ready and didn't have time to do my hair properly, so instead I threw my hair up with this vintage animal print scarf. The perfect solution to messy hair! 

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