Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I'm With The Band

So I thought I'd take some inspiration from my last military inspired post, and sport my brand new camo jacket in true army fashion. I picked this little beauty up in TK Maxx for just €20, which I think is fantastic considering it's got some pretty amazing leather detail. I was delighted that I nabbed such a bargain, seeing as Topshop are selling similar jackets for four times the price! My dip dye shorts were bought at a charity fair for something like £4. I love the grungy vibe they've got going on. So cool! 
My boots are from River Island. I got them about two years ago, but after I bought them I realised that they made an insanely annoying squeaking noise with every step I took, which drove me absolutely mad! I gave them to my sister a couple of months ago, and she hasn't left them off her since. But now that they've become quite worn, I love the way they look and I'm veery tempted to reclaim them as my own. Sorry Riona!
And now for the best part, my beloved Kasabian band tee! Mmmmm, I just LOVE it! It's yet another River Island purchase, or repurchase I should say. I bought it for myself initially but sadly, I ended up destroying it in a botched DIY attempt (nooooo). I wanted to buy it again but of course with my luck, it was out of stock. But theeeen, super boyfriend James came to the rescue and found the same tee in the men's section and made it mine :) Yay!

Speaking of bands (and super boyfriends for that matter), James's band Soldiers Can't Dance have just released their first official video for their new single, Me And My Ghost and it is amazing. Like, ridiculously good. I know, I know, you probably think I'm just being biased, but you'd be terribly mistaken. Just watch and see for yourselves. You'll get it :)


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  2. Lovin' the jacket, great post! if you get a sec i'd love to know what you think of my latest post!

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