Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Comfiest Jumpsuit I Will Ever Own

If the title didn't already explain itself enough, let me just tell you- hands down, this is the most comfortable jumpsuit in the whole wide world. I swear!
I honestly feel like I'm wearing pyjamas when I put this on, it's so darn comfy. I know it's a bit out there, and I do have to be feeling quite confident to venture out in it. There's some days when I just don't feel brave enough to wear something so daring! Well, daring for somebody like me anyway.
But even if I only wore the jumpsuit once in a blue moon, it wouldn't matter one bit because it only cost €7! Ooooh yeeeahForever 21, you never disappoint. 
My hat is also from Forever 21, and I'm wearing my Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies. I picked up my Keds in TK Maxx for £12, which I think is rather impressive! I like that there not your typical looking Keds, yet there just as comfy and light as their regular styles.

So I've got a little break from work over the next few days, which I'm very much looking forward to. On my days off, I'm usually full of good intentions, all set to be productive for the day. Of course, it never works out that way and I usually end up sprawled out in front of the t.v all day long! Today however, I seem to have broken my lazy cycle and actually achieved something with my day- my floor is finally visible after months of being lost under a mountain of clothes, I baked some yummy queen cakes and now I'm off to bring Coco for a walk. I'm planning on take advantage of this productive streak and get lots of blogging done :) Here's hoping!


  1. lovely outfit!!

  2. I love your hair and your outfit!
    you look sooo cute! :)

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  3. I work at TK MAXX so I'll be looking out for these KEDs! Gorgeous x