Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I'm With The Band

So I thought I'd take some inspiration from my last military inspired post, and sport my brand new camo jacket in true army fashion. I picked this little beauty up in TK Maxx for just €20, which I think is fantastic considering it's got some pretty amazing leather detail. I was delighted that I nabbed such a bargain, seeing as Topshop are selling similar jackets for four times the price! My dip dye shorts were bought at a charity fair for something like £4. I love the grungy vibe they've got going on. So cool! 
My boots are from River Island. I got them about two years ago, but after I bought them I realised that they made an insanely annoying squeaking noise with every step I took, which drove me absolutely mad! I gave them to my sister a couple of months ago, and she hasn't left them off her since. But now that they've become quite worn, I love the way they look and I'm veery tempted to reclaim them as my own. Sorry Riona!
And now for the best part, my beloved Kasabian band tee! Mmmmm, I just LOVE it! It's yet another River Island purchase, or repurchase I should say. I bought it for myself initially but sadly, I ended up destroying it in a botched DIY attempt (nooooo). I wanted to buy it again but of course with my luck, it was out of stock. But theeeen, super boyfriend James came to the rescue and found the same tee in the men's section and made it mine :) Yay!

Speaking of bands (and super boyfriends for that matter), James's band Soldiers Can't Dance have just released their first official video for their new single, Me And My Ghost and it is amazing. Like, ridiculously good. I know, I know, you probably think I'm just being biased, but you'd be terribly mistaken. Just watch and see for yourselves. You'll get it :)

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Military Chic

Military Chic1. Topshop Contrast Sleeve Army Jacket- €83
2. Oasis Military Shirt Dress- €77  
3. Topshop MOTO Studded Bustier top- €45 
4. Rock 'N' Rose Vintage Bullet Shell Necklace (available from €28 
5. Republic Stud Buckle Boots- €64
6. Topshop Two Tone Zig Zag Beanie- €15
7. Ray-Ban Aviator Gold Sunglasses (available from €155
8. Topshop Washed Military Backpack- €43
9. River Island Back Biker Boots- €96

Military is one trend that I'm loving at the moment, and (surprise, surprise)Topshop is at the head of the High Street pack when it comes to providing us fashion worshippers with our military fix. I must admit, I adore every single one of these items, but those Republic boots? Ahhhh, I NEED them!
Although I'm obsessed with this trend, I feel like I need to be under some degree of supervision whilst testing it out. I'm afraid that all that army green will go to my head and have me strutting around like a maniac singing "Hard" and thinking I'm Rihanna. *sighs* 
If only. 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Art Work Inspiration- Lua P

 So the other day, my offer for the Limerick School of Art and Design arrived, and I was all too delighted to accept! After spending all of last year studying fashion in Glasgow, I've fallen slightly out of practise with my art work, and now that I'm officially a working woman it's quite hard to find the time to draw. But now that I know in just over a month I'll be thrown into the deep end with incredibly talented art students (most of whom have already spent a year taking classes to prepare their portfolios) I'm feeling pretty terrified! The only remedy for easing my nerves (to some extent) is to practise, practise, practise, so I thought who better to inspire me to draw again than my favourite blogger Lua P! 
The drawing took quite some time, and as you can see, my hands suffered the consequences. That's what happens when you're a leftie with a tendency to lean too heavily on the pencil- filthy dirty hands covered in sores! Lovely. Aanyway, the girl is pretty damn perfect so I do hope I did her justice. 
Lua's blog, Le Happy, is a masterpiece. There, I said it. I have never wanted another human being's wardrobe so badly in my entire life!! And talk about hair envy? Mmmmm. Oh, and did I mention that if you walk into Topshop you'll find her face plastered all over one of their tees? Lua, you are my hero.

If you're not already a fan of Le Happy (which is unlikely), here's a link to the blog. But I must warn you, it's highly addictive!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Museum of Style Icons

So yesterday my mam and I made a visit to the incredible Museum of Style Icons. The museum is an absolute must see for any old Hollywood movie lovers, and fashion lovers for that matter! Every corner you turn, you're greeted by the most breathtaking garments, worn by the world's most iconic film stars- Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Bette Davis, Greta Garbo, VivienLeigh- the list is endless! 
And it's not just dedicated to movie stars either, you've got some of Lady Diana's most memorable outfits (including the famous "revenge" dress she wore the day after Prince Charles admitted to having an affair), and there's a huuuuge collection of Micheal Jackson memorabilia. This in itself is enough reason to visit the museum, but as I'm not the biggest MJ fan, I found myself being rather distracted by other things, such as a pair of gloves worn by Clark Gable in Gone With The Wind- ahhhh how amazing is that? That's some serious Hollywood history right there! And Clark Gable??!! Mmmmmm.... 

Oops, did I just get distracted again?

I visited the museum once before a couple of years ago, so I was already familiar with what was on display. Knowing this, I was super excited this time round to see Marilyn Monroe's collection- who wouldn't be! Unfortunately, I ended up being rather disappointed, as the majority of the stuff I'd seen the first time seemed to have vanished. Originally, there had been a massive collection of her personal belongings- hand written letters, furniture, photos, clothing, make up, even hair pins! I realise now that all those items must have been on loan for a short time, which makes me all the more grateful that I ever got to see them in the first place! Thankfully, there's still some beautiful clothing belonging to Marilyn to drool over, including this drop dead gorgeous Pucci dress. Wowza.

As you can see from the picture above, there's some spectacular film costumes to be seen, like this incredible dress worn by Bette Davis for her role as Queen Elizabeth. Not her best look, but hey, you can't win 'em all! What I really love about this particular museum is that it's filled with enormous background pictures of the stars actually wearing the garments on display. It makes the experience that much more exciting!

In addition to all the fabulous clothing, there's also a beautiful collection of original fashion illustrations and costume designs from movies. There's even designs drawn up for Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, but I was too damn short to reach up and get a picture of them! I knew I should have worn heels...


If I was let down by Marilyn's memorabilia, Audrey's made up for it 100%! Oh. My. God. I can't even deal with how incredible all of it was!! I definitely let out a little squeal when I came across the vespa that Audrey and Gregory Peck rode on in that iconic scene from Roman Holiday. Unbelievable! Oh, but there's more. I didn't think it could get any better when I saw those amazing outfits from Charade. Then I turned the corner... Helloooo Breakfast at Tiffanys. Not only did they have the beeeautiful pink party dress she wore in the movie, but they had THE necklace! THE necklace that was the icing on top of the delicious cake that is one of the most iconic film costumes in the history of film. The ultimate accessory to the very first little black dress that was to influence women for generations to come! 
I'm sorry, am I rambling? I just cannot get over how brilliant it is to have a piece of something sooooo famous and influential right on my doorstep! 

Overall, I had a pretty perfect day with my mama. And to top it all off we went for the yummiest meal I've had in a long, long time. If you're feeling peckish I'd advise you not to look at these next pictures, as you will hate me for it. Nom.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Girly Grunge

Today's outfit has a serious grungy vibe, so I just had to snap some pics by this old abandoned cottage down the road from me. It's so in keeping with the whole look! Truthfully, the cottage is a dreadful eyesore, but it makes the coolest back drop for photos, don't you think? (I really should take more photos around this area, but the majority of the time I'm too lazy to venture any further than my own garden!) 
Some serious childhood memories of this place, trying to break in and find out if there were any ghosts lurking about... That house is scary as hell in the dark! Ahhhh, memories.

I had a wonderful day out with my darling mother today. We went to visit the Museum of Style Icons, an amaaaazing museum just down the road from me, filled with the most spectacular memorabilia from the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly (just to name a few). But that visit definitely needs it's own blog post, I just have so many things to gush about! 
Afterwards, we went on what was intended to be a "browse" around TK Maxx, and ended up snatching up some fantastic bargains, one of which was this Tommy Hilfiger shirt I'm currently wearing. It retails at around €86, but I paid  just €13 for it. Not bad, eh? Oh, and it's actually from the men's section, because I find that when it comes to loose fitting shirts like this one, you'll always find a cheaper version in menswear.
I looove this little lace dress I got in H&M the other week. This was actually the dress that I wore to the Soldiers Can't Dance gig that I never had a chance to here she is! I've already worn it three times, and I can just tell it's going to be one of those items I never leave off. It was only €10 in the sale too, which has left me feeling very smug indeed. Bargain :)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Comfiest Jumpsuit I Will Ever Own

If the title didn't already explain itself enough, let me just tell you- hands down, this is the most comfortable jumpsuit in the whole wide world. I swear!
I honestly feel like I'm wearing pyjamas when I put this on, it's so darn comfy. I know it's a bit out there, and I do have to be feeling quite confident to venture out in it. There's some days when I just don't feel brave enough to wear something so daring! Well, daring for somebody like me anyway.
But even if I only wore the jumpsuit once in a blue moon, it wouldn't matter one bit because it only cost €7! Ooooh yeeeahForever 21, you never disappoint. 
My hat is also from Forever 21, and I'm wearing my Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies. I picked up my Keds in TK Maxx for £12, which I think is rather impressive! I like that there not your typical looking Keds, yet there just as comfy and light as their regular styles.

So I've got a little break from work over the next few days, which I'm very much looking forward to. On my days off, I'm usually full of good intentions, all set to be productive for the day. Of course, it never works out that way and I usually end up sprawled out in front of the t.v all day long! Today however, I seem to have broken my lazy cycle and actually achieved something with my day- my floor is finally visible after months of being lost under a mountain of clothes, I baked some yummy queen cakes and now I'm off to bring Coco for a walk. I'm planning on take advantage of this productive streak and get lots of blogging done :) Here's hoping!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Summer Wish List #2

1.                                                      2.

3.                                                        4.

5.                                                      6.
7.                                                     8.

9.                                                     10.

1. Camo army jacket- Topshop £48
2. Dip dye studded shorts- Miss Selfridge £35
3. Pink and beige studded flatform hightops- River Island £45
4.Light beige pu fallaway jacket- River Island £60
5. Poppy lace dress by Jones and Jones- Topshop £60
6. Studded denim back pack- Topshop £35
7. Premium leather coated skinny jeans- Oasis €69
8.  Lace roll neck crop top- Topshop £26

9. Dip dye ruffle prom dress- Topshop £75
10. Gold outline cross earrings- River Island £5

Ahhhhh I swear I would buy the entire contents of Topshop right now if I could. Pay day hurry up already!!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Flowers in the Window

This is today's outfit. What do you think? :)

My mam is away for the week so, of course, I raided her wardrobe! I robbed this beautiful sheer floral blouse, which I think I'm going to have to beg to keep because I just love it. She hasn't worn it in years anyway so she can't be mad...I hope! It's about four sizes too big which means it's far too long on me, but I think that adds to it by giving it a wonderful floaty effect.
I opted for lilac shorts from Pennys (Primark) and a matching lilac vest from American Eagle. I'm pretty sure my mam brought me back my rosary beads from some pilgrimage to Lourdes or Knock or one of those holy places. I may not be using it to pray, but at least I've made some use of it! 

So I'm off to meet my boyfriend for the evening, which means swapping the shorts for some jeans. It may be a nice evening, but I'm not naive enough to think I'd get away with wearing shorts! Oh Ireland, will you ever give us a real summer? *sighs*

Marina Diamandis a.k.a Marina & the Diamonds- Style Crush

Hellooooo Marina! I can't tell you how exciting it is to see a celebrity who commits to looking as fabulous and ultra feminine as Marina all the time. She's the cute and innocent girl next door and a throwback to the the sexy, sultry Hollywood sirens of the 50's all wrapped into one fantastic fashion package! Amazing. 
What I love most about her, is her ability to mix that iconic 50's housewife look with a modern twist. Her edgy hair and make up give her a distinctive and unique look that makes her a true fashion icon in my eyes. I understand her taste in clothing isn't for everybody, and while I find her super girly style to die for, others may find it sickeningly sweet. So I'm warning you, if you have an aversion to pink, look away now, 'cause our Marina takes the expression "girly girl" to a whole other level!

Don't say I didn't warn you! Here's some of my favourite Marina inspired pieces from the high street at the moment. I could have made this entire list from ASOS clothing alone (their selection at the moment is crazy good!), but I thought it was best to give you some variety. Now that I've got her style down, I just need to figure out how to make my roots look good like Marina does. How does she do it?? Just, how?

ASOS Tea Party Dress- €57

Shimmer Twins Red Cluster Heart Lashes (available from ASOS)- €20.36

Topshop Knitted Fluffy Cardigan- £30

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa heeled sandals (available from ASOS)- €162.90

Forever 21 Pink Bow Headband- €1.60

Poppy Lace Dress from Jones and Jones (available from Topshop)- £60

Miss Selfridge Pastel Bow Belt- £5

River Island Pink Lace Bow Prom Dress- £70

Forever 21 Sheer Dotted Socks- €3.90

Oasis Bobble Clutch- €31

Oasis Fur Collar Cardigan (available from ASOS)- €33.90

ASOS Gingham Pencil Dress- €39.37