Thursday, 14 June 2012

Miley Cyrus- Style Crush

You know when people ask you who you're style icon is? Well mine is without a doubt Miss Miley Cyrus. There have been times when I've been slightly embarrassed to admit that, because lets face it, the girl has had some MAJOR fashion disasters in her day. I'm sure for some people, the words "fashion" and Miley" conjure up images a little something like this...

Oh dear. Miley, Miley, Miley, WHAT were you thinking?! It's ok though, we all make mistakes, and Miley most definitely makes up for her previous fashion mishaps with the amazing street style she's been sporting lately. Her grunge inspired wardrobe makes me positively swoon- I'd give anything to get my hands on a pair of those signature biker boots she wears so well! 

Ok, are we all in agreement that Miley has never looked better? Maybe it has a little something to do with the fact that she's engaged to the beautiful Liam Hemsworth (a million girls' dreams have just been crushed!) or just maybe it's because of the unbelievable body she's been sporting these days. Either way, I'm jealous. Very, very jealous.
I'm pretty sure I would die happy if I owned that amazing skull playsuit Miley was seen wearing recently, but as that's very unlikely I'll just have to make do with the Miley-esque clothing on offer on the high street right now! Here's some of my favourite pieces inspired by the fashion savvy singer.

Ray-Ban original round sunglasses (available from ASOS)- €162.90

Miss Selfridge hight waist multi stud shorts- £65

Republic Guns N Roses tee- £20

Miss Selfridge turquoise acid denim shorts- £32

House of Holland for Pretty Polly chain suspender tights (available from ASOS)- €20.36

Urban Outfitters vintage surplus army jacket- €63

Urban Outfitters buckle tote- €63

Forever 21 plaid shirt- €17.75

Topshop stripe mesh harness bra- £18

Topshop MOTO oversized denim jacket- £45

River Island black lace bralet- £10

Miss Selfridge cross necklace- £6.50

Amplified Iron Maiden sweatshirt (available from ASOS)- €61.09

Topshop religious charm bangle set-£12.50

Blowfish black tribecca boots (available from Schuh)- £75

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