Thursday, 28 June 2012

Look of the Day

Helloooo! Today's outfit is all about the legs, with these fabulous suspenders I'm wearing. They can be tricky to pull off, but I think I just about managed it by keeping the rest of my outfit quite subdued and covered up. As long as I don't end up being mistaken for a stripper in them I'm happy enough! So what do you think, yay or nay on the suspender front?

I'm wearing my Dr. Martins yet again. They give the suspenders a tough edge which I think works well and keeps the outfit nice and casual!

My suspenders are by House of Holland and I think they're pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself! I love the fact that the straps are detachable so that I can team them with different socks if I want. Very handy!

I'm wearing a simple black tee from Miss Selfridge. It's nothing special, but I like having basic clothes like this in my wardrobe so that I can pair them with statement pieces. Although, it is torture for me spending money on boring basics when all I want is to buy the most colourful and outlandish clothing I can find!
My skirt was bought from Lord and Taylor in Boston. It was pricey enough but the quality is great and it's a perfect fit for me. Oh, and if it seems as though my whole wardrobe was bought in America, it's because the majority of it was! The past couple of years I've travelled to the US for my holidays, and I've always spent the whole year beforehand saving any money I had to spend on American clothes that I knew nobody else would be wearing at home! Plus, the value for money over there is a million times better than what we get here in Ireland.

I picked up these little silver cross earrings in River Island the other day for just €4. I couldn't really let them go for that price, could I? 

My necklaces are both from Miss Selfridge. The cross necklace was actually in my last blog post (Miley Cyrus- Style Crush) so when I saw that it was half price yesterday I had to grab it!

So tomorrow is set to be a very exciting day. My boyfriend's band Soldiers Can't Dance are supporting the fantastic General Fiasco in the Academy 2, and I bought a gorgeous new outfit just for the occasion. Hopefully I get myself dressed and ready early enough to take pictures for the blog, because I'm just crazy about this outfit! Either way, you can be sure that I'll have heaps of pics from the night to share with you all. Yay!

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