Saturday, 9 June 2012

Look of the Day

Today's look is actually an outfit I wore last night going out for dinner with my girlies. I was feeling rather feisty and really wanted my outfit to portray this, so I opted for an edgy, rock chick look. You like?

How cool is this bleach tie dye top I'm wearing? I'm obsessed! Every time I see it hanging in my wardrobe I get a massive urge to grab the scissors and bleach and go DIY crazy on all my tops. Sadly, I'm not sure I can be trusted to tackle such a job without destroying everything I own, which is why I left the altering to somebody else and bought the top as it is. 
I got this fabulous creation at an OXFAM fundraiser my year group organised at Uni a couple of months ago. I nabbed it for just £4 at one of my classmates stalls, where they were selling the most amazing DIY clothing. I honestly think you could walk into Urban Outfitters and see something similar on sale for £20 or £30!

I'm wearing some basic black skinny jeans from Forever 21. While they may be a struggle to get on, once I've wriggled my way into them they're a great fit. That is of course if you like your jeans seriously skin tight, which I do! 
My ankle boots are from Office, and they're an absolute dream to wear...So darn comfy! Unfortunately, they didn't make it out to dinner- once I looked out the window and saw the rain hammering down, I ran straight upstairs and threw on my Dr. Martins instead! Heels in the rain are an accident waiting to happen, especially if you're as unsteady on your feet as I am. We're talking major Bambi here!

My bangles are yet another Forever 21 purchase. They may look nice, but the noise of them would drive you to distraction!! Does anybody else get driven crazy by their bracelets banging together every time they move their arm? Maybe it's just me.
The hat I'm wearing is from H&M and cost around £10. I was dying to get a nice bowler or pork pie hat from Topshop, but I just couldn't justify spending £25 on a hat at a time when I barely had enough money for food for the week (being a student is fuuuun!), so this was my compromise.

And now for the make up!

I'm wearing my new Bobbi Brown lipstick, kindly donated to me by my mother. The shade is called Soft Rose and it's a beautiful dark pink/nude colour. The lipstick itself is brilliant- it's got a lovely creamy texture and I find that my lips look quite luscious and plumped up when I wear it. 
However, my mam actually bought the lipstick in a set of three, but when she brought the lipsticks home she discovered that all three shades were extremely similar in colour- they were pretty much identical when put on the lips! Considering that she paid €50 for the set, it's very disappointing that she ended up giving two of the lipsticks away because they were so alike. But I shouldn't complain really...More lipstick for me!

If I'm going out at night, I like to use bronzer instead of my usual cream blush- I think it gives a more dramatic look overall. I'm wearing Benefit's One Hot Minute bronzer. It's very glittery, so if you're not into that I'd advise you to steer clear of this product. Personally, I think it adds to the bronzer as it gives your face a lovely glow and eliminates the need to use any highlighter. However, I do have one problem with this product and it's the fact that it's a loose powder- it goes everywhere! Every time I open it I seem to spill a tonne of powder all over my mother's beautiful white tablecloth (oops!). In the future I'll definitely be opting for one of Benefit's boxed bronzers...For the sake of the tablecloth if nothing else!

On my eyes I'm wearing MAC's mineralize eye shadow in Pretty & Prim. I never would have thought that pink eye shadow would be a good shade for my complexion but it works surprisingly well. I'm a big fan! I topped my eyes off with a touch of Benefit's Bad Gal pencil liner and lashings of MAC's liquid eye liner.

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