Thursday, 28 June 2012

Look of the Day

Helloooo! Today's outfit is all about the legs, with these fabulous suspenders I'm wearing. They can be tricky to pull off, but I think I just about managed it by keeping the rest of my outfit quite subdued and covered up. As long as I don't end up being mistaken for a stripper in them I'm happy enough! So what do you think, yay or nay on the suspender front?

I'm wearing my Dr. Martins yet again. They give the suspenders a tough edge which I think works well and keeps the outfit nice and casual!

My suspenders are by House of Holland and I think they're pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself! I love the fact that the straps are detachable so that I can team them with different socks if I want. Very handy!

I'm wearing a simple black tee from Miss Selfridge. It's nothing special, but I like having basic clothes like this in my wardrobe so that I can pair them with statement pieces. Although, it is torture for me spending money on boring basics when all I want is to buy the most colourful and outlandish clothing I can find!
My skirt was bought from Lord and Taylor in Boston. It was pricey enough but the quality is great and it's a perfect fit for me. Oh, and if it seems as though my whole wardrobe was bought in America, it's because the majority of it was! The past couple of years I've travelled to the US for my holidays, and I've always spent the whole year beforehand saving any money I had to spend on American clothes that I knew nobody else would be wearing at home! Plus, the value for money over there is a million times better than what we get here in Ireland.

I picked up these little silver cross earrings in River Island the other day for just €4. I couldn't really let them go for that price, could I? 

My necklaces are both from Miss Selfridge. The cross necklace was actually in my last blog post (Miley Cyrus- Style Crush) so when I saw that it was half price yesterday I had to grab it!

So tomorrow is set to be a very exciting day. My boyfriend's band Soldiers Can't Dance are supporting the fantastic General Fiasco in the Academy 2, and I bought a gorgeous new outfit just for the occasion. Hopefully I get myself dressed and ready early enough to take pictures for the blog, because I'm just crazy about this outfit! Either way, you can be sure that I'll have heaps of pics from the night to share with you all. Yay!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Miley Cyrus- Style Crush

You know when people ask you who you're style icon is? Well mine is without a doubt Miss Miley Cyrus. There have been times when I've been slightly embarrassed to admit that, because lets face it, the girl has had some MAJOR fashion disasters in her day. I'm sure for some people, the words "fashion" and Miley" conjure up images a little something like this...

Oh dear. Miley, Miley, Miley, WHAT were you thinking?! It's ok though, we all make mistakes, and Miley most definitely makes up for her previous fashion mishaps with the amazing street style she's been sporting lately. Her grunge inspired wardrobe makes me positively swoon- I'd give anything to get my hands on a pair of those signature biker boots she wears so well! 

Ok, are we all in agreement that Miley has never looked better? Maybe it has a little something to do with the fact that she's engaged to the beautiful Liam Hemsworth (a million girls' dreams have just been crushed!) or just maybe it's because of the unbelievable body she's been sporting these days. Either way, I'm jealous. Very, very jealous.
I'm pretty sure I would die happy if I owned that amazing skull playsuit Miley was seen wearing recently, but as that's very unlikely I'll just have to make do with the Miley-esque clothing on offer on the high street right now! Here's some of my favourite pieces inspired by the fashion savvy singer.

Ray-Ban original round sunglasses (available from ASOS)- €162.90

Miss Selfridge hight waist multi stud shorts- £65

Republic Guns N Roses tee- £20

Miss Selfridge turquoise acid denim shorts- £32

House of Holland for Pretty Polly chain suspender tights (available from ASOS)- €20.36

Urban Outfitters vintage surplus army jacket- €63

Urban Outfitters buckle tote- €63

Forever 21 plaid shirt- €17.75

Topshop stripe mesh harness bra- £18

Topshop MOTO oversized denim jacket- £45

River Island black lace bralet- £10

Miss Selfridge cross necklace- £6.50

Amplified Iron Maiden sweatshirt (available from ASOS)- €61.09

Topshop religious charm bangle set-£12.50

Blowfish black tribecca boots (available from Schuh)- £75

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Look of the Day

Just a quick blog update to show you all what I'm wearing today. I'm donning some teeeny tiny shorts which I'll admit, do scare me a little. But hey, they say do something that scares you everyday- yesterday it was the crop top, today it's hot pants...What the hell is tomorrow going to bring? I dread to think!

My shorts are from Miss Selfridge, and while they may be a tad outside my comfort zone, they're still pretty darn cool! However, I do think I'll be keeping these solely for casual wear, as I feel like they may be a liiittle too revealing to be going out in. Oh, and the tights will be remaining underneath these bad boys at ALL times!

I'm wearing a basic tee from H&M. I've had it for about two years, but with this coral craze we're having at the moment I had a new excuse to dig it out of the wardrobe. Yay!

The ring I'm wearing is from Forever 21. I know it's impossible to make out the detail in this photo but I can assure that it's a serious knuckle duster! Nice. 
Before today, I actually had no idea where my gold necklace came from. All I knew was that it has been in a box of old jewellery I'd had in my room since God knows when! But today my mam kindly informed that the chain had been a gift from her mother after a trip to America exactly 45 years ago. Awww, my very own family heirloom. How lovely!

My hat is from Pennys (Primark) and I think it only cost around €2. Doesn't get much better than that, does it?

Crop Top Crush

We all know that baring one's midriff can be a pretty terrifying prospect, but this is one trend that I absolutely adore so I decided to suck it up (and suck it in!) and brave the crop top. 

*Note to self- ensure that all tummy revealing shots are taken before dinner in the future!

This navy polka dot crop top is too cute! It came all the way from Australia- yet another fabulous find by my super stylish mother. I would normally wear something like this with a high waisted skirt or shorts, but as I was feeling quite brave today I thought I'd be a dare devil and expose the 'ould belly button and all! I know I know, I'm wild, right?

Since I was already showing a lot more skin than I'm used to, I threw this white vintage cardigan over me to keep me somewhat covered up! My beautiful sunnies are from Betsey Johnson and my necklace is a Miss Selfridge purchase. It's difficult to make out in these photos, but it's actually a double chain with a peace sign on one chain and a Virgin Mary pendant on the other.

Ok, I know my Forever 21 boyfriend jeans may not be everyone's taste, but I just love them! Their paint speckled pattern has resulted in quite a few people genuinely enquiring if I've spent the day painting (awwkward!). Lucky I don't embarrass easily, eh? 
Last but not least, I'm wearing my beloved Converse- Sure where would I be without them?

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Look of the Day

Today's look is actually an outfit I wore last night going out for dinner with my girlies. I was feeling rather feisty and really wanted my outfit to portray this, so I opted for an edgy, rock chick look. You like?

How cool is this bleach tie dye top I'm wearing? I'm obsessed! Every time I see it hanging in my wardrobe I get a massive urge to grab the scissors and bleach and go DIY crazy on all my tops. Sadly, I'm not sure I can be trusted to tackle such a job without destroying everything I own, which is why I left the altering to somebody else and bought the top as it is. 
I got this fabulous creation at an OXFAM fundraiser my year group organised at Uni a couple of months ago. I nabbed it for just £4 at one of my classmates stalls, where they were selling the most amazing DIY clothing. I honestly think you could walk into Urban Outfitters and see something similar on sale for £20 or £30!

I'm wearing some basic black skinny jeans from Forever 21. While they may be a struggle to get on, once I've wriggled my way into them they're a great fit. That is of course if you like your jeans seriously skin tight, which I do! 
My ankle boots are from Office, and they're an absolute dream to wear...So darn comfy! Unfortunately, they didn't make it out to dinner- once I looked out the window and saw the rain hammering down, I ran straight upstairs and threw on my Dr. Martins instead! Heels in the rain are an accident waiting to happen, especially if you're as unsteady on your feet as I am. We're talking major Bambi here!

My bangles are yet another Forever 21 purchase. They may look nice, but the noise of them would drive you to distraction!! Does anybody else get driven crazy by their bracelets banging together every time they move their arm? Maybe it's just me.
The hat I'm wearing is from H&M and cost around £10. I was dying to get a nice bowler or pork pie hat from Topshop, but I just couldn't justify spending £25 on a hat at a time when I barely had enough money for food for the week (being a student is fuuuun!), so this was my compromise.

And now for the make up!

I'm wearing my new Bobbi Brown lipstick, kindly donated to me by my mother. The shade is called Soft Rose and it's a beautiful dark pink/nude colour. The lipstick itself is brilliant- it's got a lovely creamy texture and I find that my lips look quite luscious and plumped up when I wear it. 
However, my mam actually bought the lipstick in a set of three, but when she brought the lipsticks home she discovered that all three shades were extremely similar in colour- they were pretty much identical when put on the lips! Considering that she paid €50 for the set, it's very disappointing that she ended up giving two of the lipsticks away because they were so alike. But I shouldn't complain really...More lipstick for me!

If I'm going out at night, I like to use bronzer instead of my usual cream blush- I think it gives a more dramatic look overall. I'm wearing Benefit's One Hot Minute bronzer. It's very glittery, so if you're not into that I'd advise you to steer clear of this product. Personally, I think it adds to the bronzer as it gives your face a lovely glow and eliminates the need to use any highlighter. However, I do have one problem with this product and it's the fact that it's a loose powder- it goes everywhere! Every time I open it I seem to spill a tonne of powder all over my mother's beautiful white tablecloth (oops!). In the future I'll definitely be opting for one of Benefit's boxed bronzers...For the sake of the tablecloth if nothing else!

On my eyes I'm wearing MAC's mineralize eye shadow in Pretty & Prim. I never would have thought that pink eye shadow would be a good shade for my complexion but it works surprisingly well. I'm a big fan! I topped my eyes off with a touch of Benefit's Bad Gal pencil liner and lashings of MAC's liquid eye liner.