Friday, 4 May 2012

A Trip Down Memory Lane- Diary of a Hat Hoarder

Hello. My name is Ailbhe, and I am a hat hoarder. 

Anybody who knows me will already be aware that I have a teeny tiny obsession when it comes to wearing hats. Infact, I rarely leave the house without one on- although that's partly because I've been hiding some ridiculously bad roots under them for the past month or two now! Thankfully the roots problem has been taken care of, but alas, the hat addiction is still going strong.
And it's been going strong for quite some time now! Just take a look at these if you don't believe me...

 WHAT was my mother thinking??

 "How you doooing?"

Clearly the parents were hoping for a boy...

Finally! A picture where I actually look like a girl

The Scream?

So this is where it gets seems that my love for wearing things on my head wasn't restricted to just hats. Oh no, this baby had a fetish for parading around with undies on her head! Lovely.

 Sporting a nappy (as you do)

 Photogenic as ever!

There are no words...

Ok, so this one's not underwear related, 
but it sure as hell doesn't qualify as a hat either!

 Nowadays, my hat collection is a little more subdued. I tend to opt for berets and beanies rather than boxers and basins..What can I say, I'm growing up! Even though it's rather difficult for me to find a hat that fits on my gigantic head, I've managed to accumulate quite a number of hats over the years. The collection stands at 25 at the moment, but you can be sure that number will increase sooner rather than later!

Hats Galore!


Rocking the beret since 1993

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