Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Today I'm Wearing

 Considering we're in Ireland, today was a beautiful day for us, and yet here I am in a big heavy jumper! But you'll have to forgive my slightly unseasonal attire as I am always freakishly cold. While everybody else is strolling about in their t-shirts I'm bundled up in as many layers as I can find, shivering like a wet dog (some lovely imagery there for you!). However, I did make some kind of an attempt to recognise that it is in fact summer by sporting some denim shorts and a floral head scarf. Hey, I tried!

My denim high waisted shorts are from American Eagle, and from what I recall they cost around $25. I've had them for over year now and wear them ALL the time. They're my go-to pair of shorts simply because they go with absolutely everything!

This Urban Outfitters jumper is probably one of the favourite pieces of clothing that I own. I looooove it! It was only a tenner on sale in Glasgow...a tenner!!! I know it's not everybody's taste, but being the girly girl that I am I couldn't resist it. I mean come on, ribbons and love hearts, teddy bears and whole lot of pink? It doesn't get much better than that!

 I'm wearing classic navy blue Converse today, and considering I've had them for about two years I think I've kept them in pretty good nick if I do say so myself! 

My hair is quite bushy naturally, so I either have to straighten it or curl it. But today I literally threw it up straight after blow drying it and wrapped this Next scarf around my pony tail. I was quite surprised at how well it looked to be honest! It just goes to show you, tying a scarf in your hair can distract from the  most untamed, bushy head of hair!

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