Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sunny Salou- Holiday Recap

I just arrived home yesterday from the most amazing holiday in Salou, Spain. Before setting off, I was incredibly excited but slightly anxious at the same time. After all, spending 8 days and nights living in extremely close quarters with your boyfriend has the potential to go very very badly. Thankfully, we had a brilliant time together and enjoyed every second of our holiday!
Travelling on a student budget doesn't exactly allow for luxurious accommodation, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and service of our simple little 3 star hotel (Hotel Marinada). What I was really shocked by however, was the huge number of pensioners staying there...Myself and James were the youngest guests by a margin of at least 50 years! I must admit though, seeing an abundance of Spanish grannies gathering in the foyer for their daily game of bingo was highly amusing. More amusing still, was the fact that they were completely oblivious to our pale skin and lack of Spanish vocabulary and proceeded to engage in an extremely one sided conversation with us every time we got into the elevator! I even had my bum gently patted by an old Spanish lady who insisted that we squeeze into the already overcrowded lift with them. Grannies...Gotta love 'em!

I'll just go ahead and say it, Salou itself is pretty darn tacky. You can't walk down a street without being swamped by reps, waiters and shopkeepers competing to get your business. But the good news is, it's very easy to escape this aspect of the town, as there is a whole other side to Salou which is just beeeautiful. 
Take a look for yourself!

A couple of days into our holiday, James suggested that we take a trip into one of Salou's neighbouring towns Cambrils, and boy was I glad he did! Upon entering the shore front town, we were greeted by the most spectacular views of Cambrils Port. All I can say is wow!

Of course, it would just be plain wrong to stay in Salou without visiting Portaventura theme park. The place was buzzing due to the opening Europe's fastest and highest roller coaster Shambala (eeeek). I won't even try to make excuses, there was no way we were ever going to have the guts to try that one! Instead, we opted for the trusty water rides. And yes, we may have gotten a tiny bit wet.

For me, the live shows at Portaventura were even more entertaining than the rides. We saw traditional Polynesian dancers, as well as a tropical bird show. I insisted that we sit in the very front row to get the best pictures, but after a while we got quite suspicious as to why nobody else had the same idea..did they know something we didn't? Yep! Not only did James get pulled up on stage to dance, but he also had a parrot perch on his head. Damn front row!!

Doing the Haka
James dancing away behind the Milky Bar Kid!
Faces on the left- priceless
What an attractive man

While Portaventura was hard to beat, I think my favourite part of our holiday had to be watching the sun set over the beach. It's not everyday you see a sky like that...Bliss.

I was pretty sad to leave Salou when the time came for us to go back home. I certainly wouldn't have said no to another week in the sun! But the time I did spend there was amazing and I wouldn't change a thing about my holidays- except maybe coming home a little less pale than when I left! I even got a peek of the Pyrenees mountains on our flight home..Not a bad sight to say goodbye to is it?


  1. beautiful photos ailbhe!

    1. Thanks Orla! It's easy to take nice photos when you're in such a gorgeous place :)

  2. Beautiful photos Ailbhe, I love the sunset of Salou... it's incredible!
    I was last year, I rented an apartment in Salou very cheap so the most expensive thing was air travel. Loved the beaches, the sea and the weather. I also went to Port Aventura and got on all the rides! You haven't been Aquapolis? It is a fantastic water park you can touch dolphins!!!