Thursday, 31 May 2012

Summer Wish List

With my first pay check around the corner, I thought it was only right that I have a browse through the shops to see which items from the High Street were tickling my fancy for summer...Bad idea. There's far too many gorgeous clothes out there at the moment! How's a girl supposed to choose??

Republic crafted dip dye hot pants- £30

Topshop tie dye maxi dress- £42

River Island aztec print bralet- £22

Benefit They're Real mascara- €24.50

Lomography diana green mini with flash- €131

Miss Selfridge Barbie vest top- £22

Benefit That Gal primer- €29.19

River Island light brown caged lace up sandals- £50

ASOS cross sunglass chain- €5.43

Topshop MOTO denim bralet- £25

Urban Outfitters Timex 80 leopard digital watch- €105

Schuh pale pink authentic Vans- £45

Topshop curved felt pork pie hat- £25

River Island leopard print ombre dip hem maxi skirt- £30

Love Moschino heart clutch bag- €130.69

Topshop striped heel wedges- £78

 I'm not naive enough to think I could ever afford everything from my wish list, but that sure as hell doesn't stop me from constantly pining over them! Ahhhh Moschino love heart bag, you'll be in my dreams tonight.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bohemian Like Me

Another day, another look! Sadly, the beautiful weather seems to be drawing to a close, but that's not to say we can't carry on wearing the wonderful summery outfits that have been popping up everywhere lately. Although today's look is quite covered up, it's got a cool bohemian vibe that keeps it fresh and seasonal. 

I'm wearing my trusty American Eagle denim shorts again today. As I've said before, they go with absolutely everything so it's a bit of a no brainer that they would make another appearance on my blog sooner rather than later! I teamed them with a studded leather belt I got from Bershka a few years back. 

This top is without a doubt the focal point of today's outfit. It's got everything you could ask for in a boho look- beautiful flowing sleeves, vintage paisley inspired print, a mixture of rustic and vibrant colours and some stunning crochet detail. And all for just two pounds!! Yes, you read that correctly. Thank you TK Maxx, thank you very very much.

Last but not least- the shoes. These Nine West brown leather boots were a Christmas present from a couple of years ago and I'm ashamed to admit they haven't spent half as much time on my feet as they deserve! You see, although they are lovely boots, they were bought a size bigger than my usual size 5, and I'm always ridiculously paranoid that my feet look enormous in them! Anybody else ever get like that? No clown feet, please.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Look of the Day

Just a quick post to show you all a recent outfit I wore to yet another gig (this is what happens when your boyfriend's in a band!). I was feeling quite feisty when I chose my outfit so I decided to toughen up a feminine dress with some grungy accessories. Take a look for yourself!

My denim jacket is by a brand called dollhouse, purchased from Macys in America. It comes with a detachable hood (very convenient), but obviously the current weather conditions make wearing a hood pretty unnecessary! I love this jacket, but I'm very eager to get my hands on a denim jacket minus the black sleeves, as it kind of limits the colours I can wear with it. Still, I think it looks good all the same!

I got this pink floral dress from Bershka last summer, but it has turned out to be complete disaster. I love the dress itself, and the shape is very figure flattering, but to my dismay, the first time I ever wore the dress out the zip down the front burst open (that's a lot more cleavage than I'd like on display!). I recently spent some money getting the zip replaced because I was dying to get some wear out of the dress, but low and behold, half way through the gig one of the straps snapped off! Come on! And I swear the dress fit perfectly, which makes the situation all the more irritating. I'm dissapointed in you Bershka...

I went a bit mad with the accessories as you can see! I layered a long black Topshop necklace over another silver chain, which despite a lot of tangles, made for a cool, grungy look. I then added a black studded belt to top the whole look off!

With regards to my hair, I opted for a simple pony tail to keep the attention focused on my jewellery. My make up was quite neutral, but I piled on the liquid liner for more dramatic eyes! What do you think?

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Look of the Day- Pretty In Pink

How is everybody enjoying this fabulous weather we're having? I didn't think I'd get many more opportunities to bear my legs once I got back from my holidays, but I'm happy to say I was very wrong indeed. 
It's always been a bit of an unsaid rule that red heads should steer clear from pink, but technically I'm not a true ginger (ahhh, the beauty of hair dye) so I've used that as initiative to go on ahead and break that rule! Hooray for pink!

Today I'm wearing my beloved Jeffrey Cambell brogues, which I teamed with some cream knitted Betsy Johnson socks to give my outfit a bit of a preppy feel. My bag was stolen from Mammy Conboy's closet (she has far too many bags for her own good, I needed to take some off her hands!) so I'm afraid I don't know where the bag was purchased.

I'm obsessed with this hot pink Zara mini skirt I picked up last summer. I swear when I put it on I feel as if I've been thrown right back into the 60's- it just screams mod!

My top is from New Look and set me back around €15, not bad considering it's got quite a lot of detail! I'm crazy about the top's woven pattern- it's got a real vintage 70's vibe that's very reminiscent of Missoni's trademark print. What do you think?

I'm wearing my Marc Jacobs sunglasses, snatched up in TK Maxx for a mere £30 (I still can't believe my luck with that one!). I never left these beauties off me on holidays, so I'm delighted that the sun's rare appearance here in Ireland is allowing them some more time away from the dark and dreary confinements of my wardrobe...lets just see how long it lasts!

I bought these kitty cat earrings on holiday for a very impressive €2.50. Unfortunately, they were feeling a little camera shy and refused to sit still and take a nice pic for me! But I can guarantee you, in person they are just too cute.

So that's about it for today's look! Hopefully the sun will stay shining long enough for me to post some more summery outfits. And hey, you never know, next time I update I might actually have a hint of a tan! Imagine.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Make Up Time!

My sister has been begging me to do a blog post on my make up routine for a while now, so I thought it was about time I obliged. I don't claim to know all that much about make up, all I know is what works for me..and well, isn't that enough really? Fortunately, what works for me is bound to work for many girls out there as I have a face that's pretty standard when it comes to applying make up- a pale complexion with a few blemishes here and there (we're not perfect after all!). So here's my regular make up of the day!

I would normally start my make up routine by applying a good primer as a base for my foundation, but sadly my current finances have made that impossible right now.That's student life for you! But I can promise you as soon as my first pay cheque arrives I will be rushing to the nearest Benefit counter I can find to pick up their That Gal primer which is simply amazing. A lot of people question whether or not primer is really a necessity when it comes to make up application. Personally, I think it's more of a luxury- you can go without it, but you'll definitely notice a more flawless finish with it.

Anyway, enough about the primer, we haven't even got to the foundation yet and I'm already rambling! In the past, I tended to opt for a stick foundation (Benefit and Bobbi Brown do fantastic ones), but over the past few months I've noticed my skin becoming a little dry so I thought a liquid foundation would be more suitable for me- the stick can be difficult to blend in to your skin when it's dry. Right now I'm using MAC's Studio Fix Fluid, and honestly, after buying it I don't think I'll ever use another foundation again. It's AMAZING! The colour is NC15 and it's the perfect match for my skin tone. It feels incredibly light on your skin and it won't clog up your pores, and because it's slightly matte you don't need to use too much powder afterwards...Bonus! 
Next, I use Benefit's Erase Paste in No. 1 Fair to hide any spots and blemishes I might have. Not only is this the best concealer I've ever used, it's the best beauty product I have ever owned in my life! You only need the tiniest dot of concealer to cover a blemish which means that it lasts forever. Well, maybe not forever, but I've used this product almost everyday for three years and it's not even nearly empty!

I don't like any shine on my face so I'll always set my foundation off with a touch of powder. At the moment I'm using Benefit's Hello Flawless in Ivory (I'm a Benefit junkie, I know!). It's actually a powder foundation so it's a little heavier than what I need now that I'm using my wonderful new MAC foundation. However, it's still a great product as you can wear it alone if you want to keep your make up minimal, and like most Benefit products, it lasts a lifetime!

For my cheeks, I swear by Bobbi Brown's cream blusher. I wear it in Powder Pink, which is a lovely natural pink colour. I think buying a cream blusher gets you a lot more value for your money as it can be used on your lips too. I even put some on my eyelids for a pop of colour if I'm in a rush!

And now, onto the eyes! First of all, I like to fill in my eyebrows with Brow Zing by Benefit. This brow shaping kit comes with wax, powder and a mini set of tweezers. I've had this product for around 3 years but to be honest, when it's used up I won't be buying another expensive eyebrow product- as long as your brows are well groomed, any cheap eyebrow pencil should be able to outline and fill in the shape reasonably well!
Next, I apply my eye shadow. This varies from day to day, but I usually wear either MAC or Urban Decay. For daytime I prefer to use more subtle colours like gold,copper or a light pink. Today I'm using Urban Decay's Maui Wowie all over my lids, with a touch of Last Call on the outer corner of my eyes (also by Urban Decay). I tend to try out different mascaras all the time, so right now I'm testing Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara by Soap and Glory. I actually got this free in a magazine so my I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of it! 

Usually I'll wear liquid eye liner during the day. I don't think you necessarily need an expensive product to achieve a good line, as long as you're accurate when applying your liner. I got MAC's Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapid Black for Christmas this year, and so far I've been very pleased with the results! And, it's a pen liner which makes it a lot easier to apply than your ordinary eye liner. 

As a last touch to my eye make up, I like to dab a dot of Benefit's High Beam in the corner of my eyes. The product actually says that this should be used on your cheeks and brow bones for a "healthy glow", but I find that it really makes your eyes pop if applied in the corners.

And finally, the lips! I own a quite a few MAC lippies, but right now I'm obsessed with a little Benefit beauty (surprise surprise!) I got in one of their make up kits. It's called Ladies Choice and it's a gorgeous dark pink/nude colour with a creamy texture that feels just wonderful on your lips. 

So there you have it! My daily make up routine in (probably a little too much) detail. But it wouldn't be me if I didn't ramble at least a little bit now would it?

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Today I'm Wearing

 Considering we're in Ireland, today was a beautiful day for us, and yet here I am in a big heavy jumper! But you'll have to forgive my slightly unseasonal attire as I am always freakishly cold. While everybody else is strolling about in their t-shirts I'm bundled up in as many layers as I can find, shivering like a wet dog (some lovely imagery there for you!). However, I did make some kind of an attempt to recognise that it is in fact summer by sporting some denim shorts and a floral head scarf. Hey, I tried!

My denim high waisted shorts are from American Eagle, and from what I recall they cost around $25. I've had them for over year now and wear them ALL the time. They're my go-to pair of shorts simply because they go with absolutely everything!

This Urban Outfitters jumper is probably one of the favourite pieces of clothing that I own. I looooove it! It was only a tenner on sale in Glasgow...a tenner!!! I know it's not everybody's taste, but being the girly girl that I am I couldn't resist it. I mean come on, ribbons and love hearts, teddy bears and whole lot of pink? It doesn't get much better than that!

 I'm wearing classic navy blue Converse today, and considering I've had them for about two years I think I've kept them in pretty good nick if I do say so myself! 

My hair is quite bushy naturally, so I either have to straighten it or curl it. But today I literally threw it up straight after blow drying it and wrapped this Next scarf around my pony tail. I was quite surprised at how well it looked to be honest! It just goes to show you, tying a scarf in your hair can distract from the  most untamed, bushy head of hair!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Rita Ora- Style Crush

It's official, Rita Ora is my newest style crush. Jay Z's latest protégé is already causing quite a stir in the music industry, but with style like this, how can anybody possibly focus on the girl's voice? Serious. Wardrobe. Envy.

Rita pulls off the tomboy look perfectly. She manages to keep her look casual and laid back, while retaining an element of femininity with her beautiful blonde tresses and signature red lip. Her clothes are an exciting mixture of urban and grunge style, giving her an edgy and individual look that I am positively swooning over right now! And I just have to say it...girl knows how to rock a good hat! Ahhhh Miss Ora, I bow down to you and your incredible style!
Here's are a few of my favourite Rita Ora inspired picks from the High Street. I'll definitely be trying my hand at some Rita-esque looks, how about you? 

Topshop black cropped bralet- £16

Topshop gold multi chain necklace- £25

Forever 21 plaid shirt- €13.99

Urban Outfitters vintage black leather jacket- €50

 Office Supra Vader white high tops- £84.99

River Island leopard print trucker hat- £13

Urban Outfitters vintage raw cut denim shorts- €42

ASOS smiley face bottle cap ring- €8.15

Topshop bleach ripped crop jeans- £35

ASOS boyfriend knit beanie- €10.86

Topshop dipped dye boy shorts- £34

ASOS cat eye glasses- €16.29

American Apparel two tone zip hoody- €46

River Island gold diamante watch- £30