Saturday, 29 December 2012

Makeup, Skincare and Perfume Haul

Hiiii there! Hope Santa was good to everybody over Christmas. I can't believe it's over so quickly, what a bummer. At least there's still New Years celebrations to look forward to, right? 
Obviously I got quite a few bits and bobs for Christmas, but it would take forever to show them all in a haul. So bearing that in mind, I've decided to narrow it down to just my recent beauty buys and presents! I promise I'll try my very best not to ramble haha.
First off, my new perfumes. I feel as though I'm yet to find my signature scent when it comes to fragrances, but I do love DKNY's Be Delicious. It's a great day time perfume to wear as it's nice and light, and this is probably my 3rd or 4th bottle of the stuff! I haven't got a very strong sense of smell so I'd imagine I'm really terrible at describing scents, but this one's pretty straight forward- it smells like yummy green apples. Mmmm.
I'm not the biggest fan of Posh Spice, so when I received her perfume as a gift I wasn't expecting much. But I have to admit, Intimately Beckham smells divine. I haven't got a clue what's in it, but it definitely smells quite luxurious and expensive. The bottle is a great size for carrying around in my handbag too!
The beautiful Chanel miniature set was kindly given to me by my Auntie (she got it as a present, but seeing as she's rather picky when it comes to perfume she decided to let somebody else make use out of it!). I've yet to smell any of the fragrances, but my mam and sister will probably pick out their favourites, and then we'll divide them out between us. Personally, I'd rather leave them as they are in their box- they look too pretty to be touched ha.
I've been dying to try out Soap & Glory products for such a long time, so I was delighted to get some of their skincare for Christmas. I've been using the products since Christmas day, and so far I'm absolutely loving them. The night cream and moisturising lotion are both intended to prevent wrinkles (so they're probably aimed at women just a tad older than me), but if you ask me, you can never be too young to try and slow down the aging process!
The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser is by far my favourite product of the three. It smells absolutely amazing- it contains lavender oils, which really come out when you apply the cleanser onto your face. It also comes with a muslin cloth so you can gently dab off the product when your done. All in all, I feel like I'm really giving my skin a treat when I use this.
These Elle Macpherson lovelies where an abandoned present from last Christmas, so when I found them hiding at the back of my drawer I decided to give them a whirl! They were part of a gift set of three, but sadly I dropped the tub of exfoliating shower gel all over the shower before I ever got to use it :( What I'm really interested in though is the Body Souffle. It's basically a body moisturiser containing gold shimmer, which leaves your skin positively glowing! It's smells wonderful and it's a lot more moisturising than I expected. I find this product absolutely brilliant for me because it enhances my pale skin and makes it look great so that I don't have to put on any icky fake tan. The sad thing is, since it was a present I have no idea where it came from, so if anybody knows where I can pick up some more of this skin saviour please let me know!
Nothing too exciting about this purchase, I simply needed to get my hands on a new bronzer and Rimmel's one is reliable and affordable! It's in shade 022 Sun Bronze. I've only swatched it very lightly because obviously my skin is frightfully pale, but it is very buildable!

Didn't I tell you I'd be adding another of the Kate Moss for Rimmel lipsticks to my collection? This is a gorgeous vibrant red in number 111- it looks a lot darker than it actually is when applied to the lips. I think it's a great dupe for MAC's Ruby Woo, and I find it to be far less drying and much more long lasting. A new favourite of mine for sure :)

Of course, I had to pick up a pair of falsies for New Years. I rarely wear fake eyelashes anymore, but when I do, I like them to be quite big and dramatic. These ones definitely fit the bill, and this particular shape fit the shape of my eyes perfectly, which makes them a dream to apply.
My beloved Auntie also bought me this beautiful Laura Mercier eye shadow palette for Christmas. They're not the most pigmented shadows I've ever used, but they still look gorgeous when applied, and they're also very buildable. My favourite has to be the fab golden yellow colour- so festive!
I was in dire need of some good quality setting powder for my makeup, so I picked up MAC's Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC15. I like to have a little extra coverage, which is why I opted for the powder foundation rather than a blotting powder. Also, it's nice to have the option of wearing it alone with just a touch of concealer for those lazy days :) I got a gorgeous little makeup bag free when I went to the counter too, how cute? Thanks MAC!
I really wanted a nice coral/peach blusher, so I picked up up this MAC one in Melba. The sales assistant recommended it as it's the most natural peach colour they do, and so far I'm loving it!
Last but not least, a bitta nappy cream! No I haven't gone crazy, I just need it to help the healing process for my brand new tattoo! Yaaaay. Once it's healed I shall definitely post up a pic- best Christmas prezzie I could have bought myself :)

Saturday, 22 December 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas- Home Decor

 Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year, and nothing pleases me more than seeing the seemingly endless boxes of decorations arriving down from the attic :) Now that the place is fully decorated, I really wanted to share some snaps of the house in all it's festive glory. We're into Christmas in a big way in our family- you won't find a single surface that hasn't been laden down with a heap of decorations! Obviously I didn't want to bore you all by showing you everything, so I just picked a few of my favourite Christmas touches around the house to share with everyone :) Hope you enjoyed!
P.S three daaaays!! (As if you didn't aready know)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Style Crush- Gillian Zinser

Not quite sure whether Gillian gets her wardrobe inspiration from Ivy (her character in 90210) or if Ivy is inspired by Gillian's fabulous style, but either way, the girl sure knows how to dress! She always looks effortlessly cool, managing to find the perfect balance between floaty bohemian and edgy grunge. Oh, and don't even get me started on that amazing blonde beach hair! *Girl crush alert*
So ladies, if you feel like embracing your boho side and stealing Gillian's style, check out the look I've put together below :) I want everything!

Style Crush- Gillian Zinser

Denim Shirt- Romwe €28
Black and Gold Bangle Set- Dorothy Perkins €6.77
Black Studded Biker Jacket- Dorothy Perkins €80
Wide Brimmed Trilby Hat- Warehouse €21
Black Suede Ankle Boots- H&M €37
NARS Lipstick in Red Lizard- €18
Motorhead Distressed Band Tee- Jades24 €90
Printed Maxi Skirt- Ebay €39
Slouchy Tassled Shoulder Bag- Republic €34

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Casual Grunge Outfit

Outfit Idea

1. Green Check Shirt- Fashion Union €25
2. Dip Dye Angora Beanie- Topshop €21
3. Studded Denim Jacket- Pull and Bear €49
4. Marilyn Monroe for MAC Collection in "Charmed I'm Sure"- Vibe Vixen $16.50
5. Deep Wine Velvet Skate Skirt- Lavish Alice €19.60
6. Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes- Sole Struck €140

There's no doubt about it, I need those Jeffreys in my life! Yep, I'm smitten. I think this would make a pretty cool day time outfit for over the holidays- perfect for hitting the Christmas sales in :) What do you guys think?

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Outfit Of The Day- Velvet Crush

Velvet Leggings- F&F
Leather Jacket- Romeo and Juliet Couture
Hoodie- Forever 21
Lady Gaga Tee- Concert Merchandise
Beanie- Forever 21
Boots- Dr. Martens
Earrings- Asos

First of all, I am aware at how shitty the quality of these pictures are. I wasn't going to bother doing this blog post, seeing as all the photos are either blurry, or I'm being blinded by the sun in them. But, I just had to share my fabulous new crushed velvet leggings from none other than Tesco!! Yes, you read that correctly. And do you want to know the great part? They were FIVE EURO. Mmmm hmm :) They are a fantastic fit, ridiculously comfortable and they feel amaaazing. I'd imagine I look like quite the creep when I'm wearing them, constantly stroking my own legs.
I highly recommend that you check out Tesco's clothing range F&F next time you're in picking up groceries, because there's a strong chance you'll get lucky and find a little gem like these leggings. Velvet is bang on trend at the minute, and Topshop are selling these exact leggings in black for £22 (which means they're probably around €35 in Ireland, knowing Topshop's rip off conversion rates!). 
I know they're not going to be everyone's to liking, but I happen to think they're pretty darn great :)

The Festive Party Outfit

The Festive Party Outfit

1.Skinny Polo Crop Top- Topshop €15
2.Just Acces Gold Ring Set- Asos €10
3. Fake Fur Collar- H&M €16
4. Jeffrey Campbell Litas- All Sole €161.29
5. Multi-Colour Sequin Skirt- Romwe €40
6. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge in Luminous Fresh Pink Peach- Barneys €24
6. Moschino Love Moschino Heart Satin Clutch- Forzeiri €140

This Romwe skirt would be quite the showstopper for a night out over the holidays, don't you think? I'm not usually one for sequins and sparkles, but if I had  all these fabulous items to wear with it I would work it! Aaand my obsession for all things Moschino lives on. Mmmmm :)

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Outfit of the Day

Fur Headband- Penneys/Primark
Leather Jacket- Romeo and Juliet Couture
Cardigan- American Eagle
Maxi Skirt- Urban Outfitters
Leather Gloves- Dents
Bag- Vintage Chesneau
Scarf- Moschino Cheap and Chic

I must admit, I'm rather fond of today's outfit- it's so seasonal and festive and it makes me feel all snug and Christmassy :) When I suggested in my haul blog post that this Urban Outfitters skirt would be fabulous for Christmas day, I knew there was no way I could hold off wearing it until then..and I was right! I just had to show it off for the day, I couldn't resist! 
For me, the accessories make this outfit though. I'm loving fur headbands like this one I got last Christmas. The only downside is that it's so bloody tight around my ears I can't hear a thing when I'm wearing it haha. My red leather gloves were another Christmas treat from last year which I never leave off during the winter months. Not only are they lovely and warm, but they're a great way to add a splash of colour into an outfit. Love 'em :)